Our Team

Our team consists of diverse and skilled support workers and mentors who come from different industries and professions. We have teachers, hospitality workers, university students and more who want to use their time and talents to help their community. Our common goal is to support, inspire, and connect with our community through our passion for helping others


Diverse and Skilled Mentors

Founder + Director

Meet Fern, the Director and Founder of Local Heart Community. Creating a network of mentors and supports for her local community has always been Fern’s passion. Her natural ability to support and care for others has taken her to roles abroad, rural Australia, and working with our young First Nations People. These experiences have equipped her with a wide range of skills and resources to support participants.


Recently, Fern has shifted her focus from direct participant interactions to working closely with her team, educating and motivating them on their journey as mentors and care staff. She is always looking for innovative ways to engage participants and expand opportunities, driven by her passion for employment for young people and supporting the success of those with disabilities and at risk


Meet Amanda, not only the office manager but also a talented artist. If she’s not busy at the desk, chances are she’ll be in her studio, immersed in her creative endeavors.


Participants always enjoy visiting the galleries to see Amanda’s latest exhibitions. Her artistic talents bring a unique and vibrant energy to the office, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the typical workplace. Amanda’s ability to seamlessly balance her managerial role with her passion for art adds a special touch to the community she fosters.


Meet Chanelle, a dedicated support worker and mentor who specialises with teens and young . Chanelle is passionate about assisting young people in achieving their goals, and her infectious positive outlook on life is a guiding light for those she supports.


With a holistic perspective on client support, Chanelle draws from her diverse background in disability support, yoga instruction, mental health, and education. Her multifaceted approach reflects a commitment to addressing the unique needs of each individual under her care.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Chanelle is an avid outdoor enthusiast who finds joy in embracing life. Whether it’s spending time in nature or enjoying the company of her dogs, Chanelle brings a sense of adventure and fun to her interactions.


Meet Kristen, an experienced disability support worker, mentor, and former women’s allied health practitioner on our team. Kristen is driven by a profound passion for helping others enhance their mental health and overall well-being.


With a wealth of experience, Kristen brings proven skills to her role, having worked with both non-government and government organizations. Her dedication to the field is evident in her commitment to assisting participants on their journey to achieving their goals.


As a proud First Nations Woman, Kristen  takes joy in connecting with participants through the rich tapestry of stories and experiences from her culture and community . She has a natural ability to create a space where participants feel comfortable to connect with her.


Drawing from her past experience as a women’s allied health practitioner, Kristen brings additional insights to her role, further enhancing her ability to mentor and support participants effectively. 


Meet Kirsty, a compassionate and supportive member of our team dedicated to guiding clients on a journey to discover the beauty and myriad benefits of connecting with nature. With a rich background in horticulture and sports facilitation for individuals with disabilities, Kirsty brings a unique blend of expertise to her role.


Having cultivated a wealth of experience through various positions, Kirsty is not just a staff member; she’s a nurturing force, helping others find joy and fulfillment in their interactions with the natural world. Her passion for gardening and expertise in cooking with fresh produce create a vibrant tapestry of experiences for those under her care.


Kirsty goes beyond the ordinary, creating meaningful and enjoyable moments that resonate with clients. Her skills and knowledge not only enrich the lives of those she interacts with but also contribute to a nurturing and positive environment within our team.


Meet Elleigh, a vibrant and compassionate member of our team, currently pursuing her studies in Psychology with a keen interest in counseling and a focus on working with individuals with disabilities. Elleigh is not just a staff member; she’s a friendly and supportive guide, dedicated to helping people pursue their goals.


With her engaging and approachable personality, Elleigh effortlessly connects with clients, creating an environment where they feel heard and supported. Her drive stems from a deep passion and genuine care for her work and the individuals she supports.


Beyond her academic pursuits, Elleigh brings a unique blend of skills to the table. Clients are not only impressed by her gaming prowess but also inspired by her experience in competing at the Karate World Championships. Elleigh’s diverse talents and achievements contribute to a dynamic and enriching atmosphere within our team.


Meet Ailish, who brings a vibrant energy and joy to her role as a dynamic team member. Ailish’s passion lies in working with young people, and her journey is marked by a commitment to their growth and well-being.


Currently pursuing studies in psychology, Ailish aspires to carve a path in counseling and disability services. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for her work make her not just a staff member but a beacon of positivity within our team.


Ailish’s connection with clients goes beyond the professional realm. As an avid football player and coach, she taps into her love for the sport to foster confidence and communication skills in those she supports. Whether it’s a coaching session or a friendly game, Ailish’s approachability and fun-loving nature create an environment where clients feel encouraged to thrive.


Meet Mirta, a compassionate and meticulous member of our team who goes above and beyond to assist clients, both in their homes and in the community.


Working with respect and openness, Mirta brings a unique touch to her role. She has a talent for cooking delicious meals that not only cater to clients’ preferences but also address their individual needs. Her culinary skills create a delightful and personalized experience for those under her care.


Mirta’s commitment extends beyond the ordinary, reflecting a genuine dedication to the well-being of the individuals she supports


Meet Samia, a valuable member of our team with a Bachelor of Social Science. Known for her warm and caring nature, Samia is appreciated by all, and she has a natural ability to put people at ease quickly.


With a diverse skill set, Samia supports a range of clients and has a unique ability to connect with individuals of various ages. Her adaptability and genuine approach make her a key staff member in assisting clients in establishing their own microenterprises.


Outside of work, Samia channels her passion for fitness and health and coaching calisthenics. Her commitment to personal well-being extends beyond the workplace, reflecting a holistic approach to life

Chris C

Meet Chris, affectionately known as the Bearded Equestrian—a down-to-earth, compassionate individual with a warm and caring demeanor. Chris is not only a good laugh but also deeply passionate about community and horses.

As a father and aspiring youth worker, Chris places immense value on the impact of positive role models in shaping young lives. Currently studying youth work, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to mentor local youth, drawing inspiration from the valuable lessons learned while working with incredible animals, particularly horses.

Chris’s journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to community service and creating a positive impact on the lives of young individuals. In addition to his caring nature, Chris brings a spontaneous passion for adventure to the table. He loves getting out in the community with participants, exploring new activities, and infusing a sense of excitement into their experiences.

His down-to-earth personality, genuine love for people and animals, and adventurous spirit make Chris a caring and invaluable presence in our team.


Meet Chris, a down-to-earth mentor with a fun-loving and outgoing spirit. 


Known for his easygoing nature, Chris enjoys helping participants try new things and explore various activities. Whether it’s heading to the driving range, engaging in sports, going fishing, or simply having fun exploring local spots, Chris creates an atmosphere of adventure and enjoyment.


Beyond his professional background, Chris’s passion for music, events, and hospitality adds a creative touch to his mentoring approach. His down-to-earth demeanor and genuine enthusiasm create a positive and inclusive environment for those he supports.


Meet Lauren, a fun and caring member of our team currently studying psychology at university. Dedicated to bringing joy to participants’ lives, Lauren infuses her role with enthusiasm and compassion.


Outside of her studies, Lauren finds joy in spending time out in nature. Whether it’s hiking, watching the sunset, or hanging out at the beach, she embraces the tranquility and beauty that the outdoors offers. 


In addition to her outdoor pursuits, Lauren enjoys the simple pleasures of baking and quality time with friends. Her vibrant and caring personality extends beyond the workplace, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for those around her


Meet Harlem, a vibrant individual with a unique blend of qualifications and experience. As a qualified teacher, Harlem seamlessly combines his educational expertise with a warm and inviting demeanor, creating an atmosphere that fosters growth and support.


Harlem has a significant background in education and disability support, bringing a wealth of knowledge to his role. His creative and outgoing nature shines through as he engages participants in meaningful activities, aiming not just to fill moments but to develop skills that enhance their daily living.


Meet Lisa, a caring individual who puts a great deal of care into supporting participants and can always make them smile. Her dedication goes beyond the ordinary, creating a warm and welcoming environment for those she supports.


Lisa is always up for helping participants cook something delicious in the kitchen and preparing meals for the week. Her culinary skills not only provide nourishment but also create opportunities for shared experiences and joy


Meet Matt, a generous and humorous mentor with a wealth of experience in education and well-being. Matt’s wonderful sense of humor and extensive background bring a range of knowledge and skills to his role, creating a dynamic and supportive environment.


With a passion for assisting a range of participants, Matt has particularly excelled in supporting young adult males who are seeking a positive role model. His unique combination of generosity, humor, and expertise creates a space where individuals feel understood, supported, and inspired.



Meet Gavin, an outgoing and exceptional support worker and mentor. With a background in education and teaching, Gavin brings valuable experience to his role, particularly in the realm of disability support.

Beyond his professional expertise, Gavin leads an exciting and diverse life. His hobbies include yoga, bouldering, hiking, cross-stitching, and a love for music, with a special affinity for Australian Indie Folk. Gavin is not just a music enthusiast; he actively participates in the vibrant live music scene.

Gavin extends his passion for inclusion beyond the workplace. He is an active member of Scouts SA, contributing to the Inclusion team. Gavin’s extensive journey in scouting, starting at the age of 6, showcases his longstanding commitment in various roles within the organization.

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Gavin is deeply passionate about gender inclusion. This personal commitment adds an extra layer of understanding and empathy to his support approach.

Gavin’s zeal for supporting participants to engage in various activities is unmistakable. His genuine enthusiasm and diverse background create an environment where individuals feel not only supported but also inspired to explore new avenues with confidence


Meet Sophie, a vibrant and energetic mentor with a passion for life that is contagious. Sophie’s dynamic personality serves as a driving force in her role, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and positivity.

With an interest in playing the flute, Sophie brings a harmonious touch to her mentorship. Her musical hobby reflects dedication, discipline, and a love for artistic expression, contributing to her unique perspective in the realm of disability support.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Sophie’s love for the outdoors is palpable. Whether immersing herself in nature, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply embracing the fresh air, Sophie’s connection to the outdoors rejuvenates both herself and those she mentors.

In addition to her musical interests and love for nature, Sophie has a deep passion for social connections. Cherishing moments spent with friends and a fondness for animals, particularly dogs, Sophie’s nurturing instinct adds a compassionate dimension to her vibrant personality.

Sophie’s commitment to creating a positive and uplifting environment extends beyond her role as a mentor. Her motivating spirit and love for life inspire those around her, making her an invaluable asset to our team.


They/Them or He/Him

Meet Theo, a compassionate individual with a lived experience with autism, and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Theo is dedicated to creating a safe and understanding environment for others.

Currently studying psychology and criminal psychology, Theo’s academic pursuits reflect a commitment to understanding and supporting individuals from various perspectives. Drawing from personal experiences, Theo brings a unique insight and empathy to their role.

In addition to their academic endeavors, Theo is passionate about writing, finding solace and expression through words. Video games serve as a source of enjoyment and relaxation, providing a diverse and engaging escape. Theo’s interest in gym and sports highlights a commitment to physical well-being, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to personal growth.

As a culinary enthusiast, Theo enjoys the creative process of cooking, adding a flavorful touch to their diverse range of interests. Not only that, but Theo also engages in the imaginative world of Dungeons and Dragons, showcasing a love for storytelling and collaborative adventures.

Through their hobbies and interests, Theo contributes to the creation of a safe and inclusive environment. Their compassion, lived experience, and diverse range of passions make Theo a valuable and understanding presence for our team and those they support.


Empowering Communities, One Heat at a Time